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September 3rd, 2009

Company X Email Spoof
Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription, You build websites. It is a passion, Lorazepam from canada. My Lorazepam experience, You have taught yourself everything and continue to do so because the industry demands it. You wrangle code with the best of them, Lorazepam without a prescription. Buy no prescription Lorazepam online, You design user interfaces to help users get things done. You document sitemaps, wireframes and workflows that will take the clients site to the next level and beyond, Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription. You know your craft well and you love it.., cheap Lorazepam. Lorazepam interactions,

A Scenario

Company X, your average ad agency, order Lorazepam online c.o.d, Ordering Lorazepam online, wants to work with you on a website a client needs done. The budget is tight so you work a deal out based on the budget at hand and start the process, about Lorazepam. Is Lorazepam safe, During some meetings with Company X, the client and yourself, Lorazepam canada, mexico, india, Lorazepam dose, crazy ideas are brought to the table. Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription, You cringe a little bit knowing that the ideas are above and beyond the scope of the project. Politely, where can i buy Lorazepam online, Order Lorazepam from mexican pharmacy, you calm the ideas down and decide to work on what can be done within scope. After a few days of work, Lorazepam long term, Buy cheap Lorazepam no rx, you send a mockup to Company X for review with their client.

A few days go by and Company X sends feedback along with an attachment, what is Lorazepam. Get Lorazepam, The feedback:

"We took a look at the mockup you sent, and decided to go in a new direction", canada, mexico, india.

After opening the files containing the new direction, you begin to cringe again, Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription. No prescription Lorazepam online, This “new direction” is extremely out of scope and will not work within the constraints of the system you had originally designed for. The design contains a Flash splash intro page, buy Lorazepam from mexico, Lorazepam australia, uk, us, usa, no solid navigation, moving animations everywhere and most likely funky sound effects, order Lorazepam no prescription. Online buying Lorazepam, Oh yeh, the client also “loves it”, buy Lorazepam online cod. Lorazepam dangers,

The Problem

We are dealing with two clients: Company X and Company X's Client. Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription, This scenario has many issues, but the big one is client education and expectation.

You have been hired by Company X to solve their clients problems, taking Lorazepam. Lorazepam over the counter, You attempted to do this within the scope of the budget, but Company X had their own agenda for the client, effects of Lorazepam. Buy Lorazepam from canada, The lack of communication and education on how to solve both clients problems has turned the situation into a downward spiral. Company X, Lorazepam trusted pharmacy reviews, Lorazepam natural, with what they know and understand, thinks they solved the client problem with their solution, generic Lorazepam. The client loves it, Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription. Purchase Lorazepam for sale, You, with what you know and understand, buy generic Lorazepam, see failure. What happened here.

The Solution

Communicate. Define the client's problem. Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription, Solve that problem.

Design is about solving problems first; then, maybe, making things look "cool".

Share your process with Company X and the client. Define the expectations based on the budget and make the clients feel comfortable. You are the expert at what you do, that is why you were hired. If you do not educate your clients on what to expect, they will want the world and/or something that will not help solve their problem.

I understand this is much easier said than done. I would love to hear what others have done to make this situation calmer, easier, or at the least less frustrating.

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Xanax For Sale

August 27th, 2009

Xanax For Sale, I few months ago I developed a simple but effective little web page with some javascipt and jQuery that would allow me to determine, based on a width, a 16:9 aspect ratio. I found myself always having a specific width from a content area and I wanted to determine the video size I could fit in there, Xanax price, coupon. Buy Xanax without a prescription, Problem was, I didnt want to waste time calculating the all important aspect ratio from the width I had, order Xanax from United States pharmacy. Kjøpe Xanax på nett, köpa Xanax online,

I searched the net and couldnt find anything useful, so I built one myself:

jQuery 16:9 Aspect Ratio Tool

This was just whipped together quickly and I found it useful, Xanax blogs. Xanax pictures, I'm pretty sure it could be tweaked, but it fits its purpose as is right now, where can i order Xanax without prescription. Xanax pharmacy, Let me know if this helps you at all. enjoy, Xanax for sale. Xanax pics. Buy cheap Xanax. Xanax reviews. Buying Xanax online over the counter. Purchase Xanax. Online Xanax without a prescription. Xanax mg. Is Xanax addictive. Xanax wiki. Xanax cost. Xanax from canadian pharmacy. Xanax schedule. Xanax used for. Xanax brand name. Xanax steet value. Where can i cheapest Xanax online. No prescription Xanax online. Order Xanax from mexican pharmacy. Where can i order Xanax without prescription. Xanax australia, uk, us, usa. Buying Xanax online over the counter. Order Xanax no prescription. Xanax without a prescription. Xanax wiki. About Xanax. Order Xanax online overnight delivery no prescription.

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Ambien For Sale

August 25th, 2009

Ambien For Sale, It seems, or, should I say, still seems that many people consider themselves web designers just because they can hook up a downloaded template to blog software. This is fine if you want to be heard and share content with the world, Ambien without prescription, Ambien canada, mexico, india, but it DOES NOT make you a web designer (I'll use the generic term "web designer" to encompass a spectrum of web design, including the front-end developer), buy cheap Ambien. Ambien over the counter,


Modern day web designers have a deep understanding of the internet and the underlying structures that define it. These include languages like HTML, generic Ambien, Australia, uk, us, usa, CSS, Javascript, Ambien for sale, Order Ambien online c.o.d, jQuery(a javascript framework), PHP, get Ambien, Canada, mexico, india, and a plethora of other programming languages. Each one of these languages is a powerful tool in the hands of the web designer that specializes in it, Ambien mg. For example, you would not call a plumber to install electrical outlets, Ambien For Sale. Ambien from canadian pharmacy, You would also not have an interface designer program the interactions between the server and a database (this is what web developers do).

The modern day web designer must also have an understanding of web standards and be familiar with the works of the major players behind it, is Ambien safe. Ambien pharmacy, The blogs, books, effects of Ambien, Ambien online cod, and musings of people like Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer and Dan Cederholm (to name a few) are must reads, order Ambien from United States pharmacy. Online buying Ambien hcl,


There are many tools the modern day web designer uses on a daily basis to code, solve problems, Ambien photos, Ambien price, design and develop. Ambien For Sale, The most used and well known design programs are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks. I personally find Fireworks to be a better web design (specifically user interface design) program over Photoshop, rx free Ambien, Ambien used for, but modern day web designers use what they are comfortable with.

Modern day web designers think in pixels, where can i buy Ambien online. Ambien from canada, They design for the screen, not paper, Ambien gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Ambien trusted pharmacy reviews, Screen sizes vary across all users, and one must take that into account before starting the visual design, Ambien price, coupon. The design from Photoshop or Fireworks directly correlates, by the pixel, to what will appear on the screen in a browser, Ambien For Sale. Purchase Ambien online, A 300 dpi 1800 x 1800 illustrator file is not an adequate starting point for a web site design.

Most, real brand Ambien online, Purchase Ambien, if not all modern day web designers can code by hand and from scratch. Software such as Coda (my favorite), Ambien recreational, Buy Ambien from canada, Textmate, CoffeeCup's HTML Editor, Ambien dose, Ambien blogs, Notepad++, and even Dreamweaver (in the code view) can assist in hand coding, Ambien pics, making things a bit faster. Software that generates code, also known as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), is frowned upon and will most likely cause problems down the line when trying to fix issues. Ambien For Sale, The modern day web designer also codes to make sites compliant in modern browsers like Firefox or Safari first. After the site works in these browsers, others, such as Internet Explorer (version 8,7,and sadly, sometimes 6), Chrome and Opera are tested. The reason I code to Firefox first is because of a plugin called Firebug. This plugin lets me solve problems by inspecting the code, tweaking the css, and testing the javascript right in the Firefox browser. It is a HUGE timesaver. Any modern day web designer worth something uses Firebug, or a similar plugin on their browser of choice, Ambien For Sale.


The most important aspect of the modern day web designer is passion. This work is not just a job, it is a labor of love. If you consider yourself a modern day web designer, you must constantly strive to learn more, constantly stay on top of what is happening in the industry and constantly think to yourself, “I love what I do”.

I just scratched the surface of this broad topic. Ambien For Sale, It is something that one could write about for weeks. Modern day web designers most likely did not learn anything new from this, but if you consider yourself a web designer in any form, you must have and use the knowledge that is mentioned in this article. If you don't, learn it.

What else does the modern day web designer need to know. If you have any resources, or comments, feel free to share.

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August 13th, 2009

Buy Xanax Without Prescription, It is gorgeous outside. The sun is shining, Xanax alternatives, Where to buy Xanax, the churning breeze feels good and the birds are chirping. I am sitting at a picnic table at a local park while on my lunch break, buy Xanax no prescription. Cheap Xanax, How can such a simple situation like this feel so damn good.

It is truly amazing how simplicty can affect very complex objects(the human brain) when applied right, buy generic Xanax. Xanax use, What is your simple pleasure. What activity do you partake in when you just need to "get away" or take a brain vacation, Xanax from mexico. Buy Xanax without prescription, I'm curious. Kjøpe Xanax på nett, köpa Xanax online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. What is Xanax. Xanax duration. Buy cheap Xanax no rx. Xanax schedule. Discount Xanax. Fast shipping Xanax. Xanax overnight. Where can i find Xanax online. Xanax dosage. Xanax coupon. Purchase Xanax online no prescription. Online Xanax without a prescription. My Xanax experience. Xanax maximum dosage. Xanax no rx. Buy Xanax without a prescription. Doses Xanax work. Is Xanax addictive. Buy Xanax from mexico. Buy Xanax online cod. Online buy Xanax without a prescription. Cheap Xanax no rx. Xanax interactions. Xanax class. Xanax long term.

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April 9th, 2009

Buy Ambien Without Prescription, While down in Austin, Texas this past March for the South By South West interactive conference, I filmed a few hours of video for a short documentary I have planned. This is a little teaser of some of the footage, Ambien samples. Ambien pictures,

A SXSW interactive 2009 experience from Brian Artka on Vimeo. Ambien dangers. Ambien treatment. After Ambien. Ambien description. Comprar en línea Ambien, comprar Ambien baratos. Where can i buy cheapest Ambien online. Ordering Ambien online. Ambien results. Buy Ambien online no prescription. Ambien street price. Ambien natural. Online buying Ambien. Low dose Ambien. Taking Ambien. Buy no prescription Ambien online. Ambien forum. Ambien no prescription. Herbal Ambien. Ambien cost. Ambien images. Purchase Ambien for sale. Ambien reviews. Ambien dangers. Order Ambien from United States pharmacy. Buy Ambien without a prescription. Ambien forum. Online Ambien without a prescription. Buy Ambien online cod. Ambien use. Ambien without prescription. Buying Ambien online over the counter. Ordering Ambien online. Order Ambien from mexican pharmacy.

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